Managed Services

StreamIT Managed services provides the assurance that your mission critical systems are constantly monitored and managed to achieve targeted performance, stability, reliability and availability 24 hours a day 7 days a week. StreamIT Managed Services is “Your DBA” to service your database and application requests promptly, securely and precisely Managed Services is the best plan for customers who:

  • Have mission-critical, multiple, complex 24×7 application database environments
  • Require a quick DBA response during business hours or a 30 minute DBA response during non-business hours to any issue involving mission critical systems
  • Need direct access to the Remote Services DBA/support Staff of BIAS
  • Have service level contracts with their customers guaranteeing response or product delivery
  • Have IT organizations rated by the uptime capacity
  • The core business relies on the database systems being supported and has a direct revenue impact potential