SOA Reusable Utility Services

Enhance and Jumpstart your SOA and ESB implementations with StreamIT’s SOA Reusable utility services

Most SOA and ESB implementations require monitoring and error handling capabilities due to the distributed and complex nature of transactions running within these systems. A centralized, customizable logging and transaction viewer as well as error handling tools are essential in ensuring that all transactions are monitored, traced and any errors immediately notified and resolved via customizable and accessible web-based tools. StreamIT’s Generic Audit Logger, Generic Error Handler and Transaction Monitor ensure your SOA and ESB implementations start off on a solid footing.

Audit Logger

The Generic Audit Logger (GAL) is a SOA based software product that provides a framework to log interactions between services. GAL is a SOA logging service that is a fully configurable message logger. GAL records and can replay messages transmitted within SOA and on the Enterprise Service Bus (ESB). The administrator can configure the messages to be captured. Then the messages are viewable by end-users with a customizable GUI, custom selection criteria such as date/time, topic, queue and transaction identifier can be used. GAL is a SOA service, framework and end-user tool for viewing distributed transactions that flow through your SOA.

Exception Handling and Management

The Generic Exception Handler (GEH) is a SOA application and framework for end users, it provides a standardized service interface for applications to raise and handle errors. The administrator can configure the exception handler to define error resolution workflows, user groups and group-level security, and error descriptions by SOA service and message identifier (topic or subject name). Exceptions that are not defined by the administrator will be accumulated in a common error handler so that no exceptions are lost. GEH implements exception handling and management as a SOA utility service.

Transaction Monitor

The Transaction Monitor is a business-user tool to monitor business transaction steps, events and information in the context of a transaction. Most transaction monitors attempt to correlate machine data to gain insight into performance and availability reporting on transaction execution from an IT perspective. StreamIT’s Transaction Monitor was built for business users to monitor specific steps and events within a distributed transaction with support for long-running transactions.

SOA Gateway

The SOA Gateway provides a common interface for utility services that simplifies deploying SOA-based solutions. The gateway concept abstracts much of the complexity of SOA such as security and protocol abstraction and thereby eases development efforts.

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