Re-Org for Oracle EBS

Make major Oracle E-Business Suite configuration changes and maintain data history and integrity without reimplementation. Our software automates the process and generates all of the code needed to effect the reorganization. Projects can be completed – including test runs – in a matter of weeks.

With our Re-org for Oracle EBS software, you can easily:

  • Change calendars
  • Move operating units from one set of books (ledger) to another
  • Move legal entities to a different set of books (ledger)


  • Low risk. No loss of history. No loss of data integrity.
  • Low cost and better results. The consulting or IT alternatives cost many times as much, take longer, and add risk of error and loss of most history.
  • Improved efficiency. Reorganization meets business, legal, or reporting requirements.
  • Improved corporate decision-making. The EBS is now organizationally aligned with the way that the company does business.


    • Metadata Analysis of all source and target instances.
    • Gap analysis of source and target configuration and structures
    • Drop-down lists with instance specific data choices
    • Maintenance of data and history


  • Seamless implementation of all types of desired reorganization.
  • Automatic integration of data into target organization or set of books (ledger).

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