Culture & Values

At StreamIT we seek to maintain an atmosphere of respect for each individual, where culture and ethnic diversity are real assets and play a large role in our harmonious workforce. We provide an environment that respects and rewards our employees’ unique perspectives and encourages employee participation in our future strategic direction.

Our goal is to provide our employees with the most challenging and rewarding work to help them stay ahead in their field. Our projects are StreamIT managed and are staffed by full-time (no freelance) consultants only.

We also give you an opportunity to enjoy yourself and keep you involved in our business decisions. We have several annual StreamIT sponsored events for all employees to enjoy.

We understand that family comes first. We work hard to ensure that our projects are delivered successfully and on time, but understand that family related issues arise from time to time. We make a conscious effort to help our employees through these issues successfully, which helps us maintain our harmonious and open work environment.